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Your Step By Step Guide to Get Started Today

When you're just getting started, it's nice to have a simple checklist of step by step directions to follow so you know you're building the right foundation that will hold your business up over time.

STEP 1: Develop Your Product / Service

Decide now what you're going to sell; a product or service of your own, or someone else's affiliate product/service.

            ✅ Your product/service MUST solve a specific problem; ideally a problem you have faced yourself and know how to overcome using exactly what you decide to sell.

            ✅ If we don't believe in what we sell, people will sense that hesitation and resist buying. Buy what you believe in, believe in what you buy, and don't sell anything else.

STEP 2: Develop Your Offer

Once you know what you're going to sell, you have to know exactly how you will present what you have to others.

            ✅ No matter what you sell, if no one knows you have it, you won't make money.

            ✅ Build an offer that speaks to peoples' needs, wants, and desires.

            ✅ The benefits of a product/service, not the features, will create the decision to buy.

STEP 3: Develop Your Sales System

No matter what you sell, decide up front that you will build a system that helps you step out of the business and automate as much as possible.

            ✅ Leverage tools and expertise to simplify complicated sales processes.

            ✅ Intergrate proven and useful psychological sales secrets into every relevant step of your sales funnel.

            ✅ Test your system over and over to find what works and toss out the rest.

STEP 4: What Kind of Website Should I Build?

Build a brand, build a blog. Your exact web design needs will depend on what you decide to sell and how you want to sell it. No matter which route you go, learn to use a blog to attract free targeted traffic and customers.

            ✅ Build something that YOU would use and visit; is there something you wish existed but doesn't? Build it!

            ✅ Test your site, collect feedback, try new designs, and never be afraid to change and get better.

STEP 5: Create Compelling Content

Once you have a place to put it all, it's time to start building your collection of quality content.

            ✅ Use content to educate, inspire, inform, and entertain.

            ✅ Integrate clear calls to action in your content to attract customers.

STEP 6: Attract Targeted Traffic

Getting traffic is tough enough, learn up front exactly how to attract the right people to your content.

            ✅ Understand your ideal customer and where you will find them.

            ✅ Use the power of Google search to place yourself in front of customers just when they are ready to buy.

            ✅ Use quality content to build loyal communities of customers that keep coming back.

STEP 7: Capture Leads

Not everyone buys right now, so take the time to get to know them and use email collection to build a list; get them to know, like, and trust you and you'll be there waiting for your customers when they're finally ready to buy.

            ✅ Start capturing emails before you think you're ready; give massive value in exchange for information.

            ✅ Find an autoresponder that works for you to build an automated email series for your new subscribers.

            ✅ Use list segments to find your best repeat customers and build high ticket sales funnels.

STEP 8: Convert Sales

Once you build a list and your sales funnels, it's time to follow through and find the people willing to pay for what you have to offer.

            ✅ Use intelligent email marketing campaigns to get in front of your potential buyers when you have a clear opportunity to provide a solution they are ready to pay for.

            ✅ Get clear feedback from your customers to improve your sales processes and improve your conversion rates.

STEP 9: Get Started Now

Getting started is the hardest part; it can be hard to believe it's even possible. You just have to take the first steps and decide now that you will keep going and persist.

            ✅ Do ONE thing today to start moving in the direction of your goals and vision.

STEP 10: Join Team Change & Challenge

Doing it all alone can be overwhelming; get help from a team that will demand your best and keep you moving forward with all of the tools and resources you need along the way.

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