40m inspiration, feeling it, power of placebo, prayer, positive thinking, wim hof, the energy you FEEL TO UNDERSTAND transcranial stimulation and flow stimulation binaural beats alpha, beta, theta wave brain states - remember when I first read about this in NY and was in shock at realizing the truth of this magic in the hands and pace of the voices of speakers first improvements, diet and nutrition, learning what works, how to recover and heal, FEELING the cleaner diet and the energy that comes with learning to influence the bodys micro biome The brain gets sick because you let it, when you stop moving and stop putting good things into your body and it all snowballs into depression and disease and pills arent the answer, you just need to move, breath, think, feel to understand, start with what you know, and persist through the known and unknown adversities that will inevitably come, including death, and if by some miracle immortality then whatever trials come through that form of infinite existence. 57 min range of motion, shitty shoulders, supple leopard theres nothing better than trying something and FEELING the results. 1.53 the psychedelic experience and the initial desire to shout it from the mountaintop There are a lot of people comfortable and comfortable staying comfortable.