about 30 minutes in they start talking about the christian/catholic belief that the ceremony of communion/metaphysical cannabalism transubstantiates the wafer into the flesh of god. Joe - Oh thats totally real. Duncan - Many really do believe its God flesh. Ryan - It makes me think of the psychoactive drugs and the ceremonies of sharing shaman urine to contact god. Joe - I think its important to say about the psychedelic experience that it doesnt matter if its really happening. The thing about psychedelics and our past, if you as an ancient monkey stumble upon and eat a magic mushroom, you really will think you are meeting god. People listen to this and think its just tripping, hallucination. But the important thing about an experience: it doesnt matter if you can put it on a scale or hit it with a stick, its a real experience. No one is saying youre meeting god when you eat mushrooms, but I am saying its the same thing as meeting god. The experience is so profound that its like meeting the highest possible power available to perception. Ryan - Theres a place where things are both true and untrue. Almost a placebo effect. Has demonstrable effects but its impossible to pin down where they precisely originate. There is no way to deny or discount an experience. around 32 minutes duncan does a GREAT explanation of the book of Job. Ryan - Knowing theres no way out, triggers the greatest release of love. cf6 Duncan- We are in the mouth of a giant super predator called the universe thats killing us right now. Access and accept the situation that youre in. It is true. Youre in the mouth of the most incredible, most powerful, most omnipresent thing ever. You see this incredible matrix of consciousness of psychedelics, but right now mine the psychedelic you are surrounded by an entire universe with pieces that are alive and speaking/communicating to you. And youre surrounded by an entire infinite universe with a tendency toward life that you are yourself a part of. f.lux app for mac laptop lighting control https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ship_of_Theseus 2 hrs in great talk on being in the present moment and the captivating potential of thought patterns