Nobody seems to write about whats really going on in the world; Im sick of it. Humans have a primal need for power. We need to reclaim the meaning of power, which is a feeling of control over your destiny, your life, your ability to influence and shape the world around you in the image of your imagination and most powerful visions. This is the source for a lot of our manipulative behaviour. All of us manipulate in some way at some point. Lets be honest about what we are and not pretend we descended from angels. Fearlessness is admitting that you are afraid, of death, of being along, of being different. Be aware that exists in your body before it hits your conscious mind. Once aware, you can start conquering your fears. Your knowledge and mindful attention are your weapons. If youre not aware of the tactics people are capable of using, you are vulnerable and can fall into a hypnotic spell without realizing what youre doing. Why would others like you if YOU dont like you? If you arent pursuing something thats personally and emotionally connected to you, youre going to disconnect and suffer. It was through the process of finding what I hated and what to remove from life that I found my true vocation. Our highest form of power is being so good at what we do that no political or psychological games can topple our persistent focus. Robert Greenes book Mastery. A lot of people are nice just because they need people to like them. You have to be aware of at least the root of your success in life, youll never move forward. You have to find your foundation or youll disconnect. Materialism is a plow to get through the piles of shit youve built around yourself. You can get hooked a paycheck and find yourself lacking the mental freedom to work for less and learn new skills instead of plowing forward stubbornly. Dont worry about the money, give yourself the freedom to explore and make mistakes that you will learn to build skills from. Dont know what your path is? If you have some guts and youre not a whiner, you can find a way to take your mistakes and experiences you can find a way to apply those skills in a new way that engages you personally and emotionally. Its not all instantaneous, it requires some paint, defeat, loss, and then itll all click together if you persist through it all. The problem with The Secret. Asking for a castle on the moon. 1.34 If theres something easy, its usually a deception. We all want to believe in something easy, quick, and simple. There begins with a challenge, which turns to aptitude that opens the door to creativity through flow and peak performance. Getting disciplined and really skilled at something over the immediate rushes of fast gratification. When youre mentally and physically all in, and youre exhausted and not sure you can make it, theres not much else on your mind, youre in the present open mind. Zen Philosophy, flow, satori The brain was made to focus, see deeply and understand through being aware. Active and passive meditation, emptying the mind vs focusing on a thought/image/inquiry/etc. Does the dog have buddha nature? MU Through words you realize the absurdity of words how they disconnect you from reality, and thus understand MU. Deliberate practice- practice what youre not good at. Practicing whats painful and enjoying it. If you go against the pattern of our minds by trying to get things easily and quickly, you will falter and fail. Discover who you are and what you are meant to do. Go through an apprenticeship building skills and working with mentors, masters, and other people and their manipulations. The bicameral mind -book who is the master calling thoughts in mind and dreams? morning meditations. Distractions are the water you must swim again. You have to love learning more than the intention. The limits are self imposed. If you stop whining and complaining and saying you have the limits, you can explore beyond them and youre capable of what you never thought you were.