Once you understand the way broadly you can see it in all things If you dont find out what misery is like, youll never know how youll react when its inflicted on you. People choose to find something to criticize instead of being inspired because they feel they dont measure up to the sacrifice they see youve made that they know they too are capable of but they have failed to act. Not giving yourself the natural activity of movement is robbing yourself of a part of the spectrum of experience. And now, Mr. South Cox.. People want you to be what theyre into, and if youre not, they think somethings wrong with you. Am I going to find a place to sleep? Stay warm? Have something to eat? Theres something about having to worry about those things and finding gratitude for having them. If you do what the average guy does, youll fail 9/10 times. If you go above and beyond the established standards, youll do something special.