Why are people afraid of psychedelics? - Theyre afraid they might turn out like you. You can function on marijuana if you know how to ride the waves. You need tuning and conditioning. Theres a wave of psychedelic and then emotional activity you have to be prepared to embrace and recover from. Too often we say no instead of Know. About 1 hour 8 in, the courage it takes to embrace the psychedelic lifestyle. Whats the best way to manage yourself in relation to others/your atmosphere? Offer what you can to help others, but dont take on their burden, you cannot correct it for them but you can offer the guidance and advice toward introspection and self discover that will lead to the clearest answer life can offer. Lifes a bitch when no one wants to do the dishes. Too many people demand attention for nothing, just be worth a damn. Philosophy without the psychedelic or mystical experience is often overbearing, self centered, not aware, missing elements of objectivity and introspection. The experience helps you discuss ideas and observations without fear of hurting feelings. There are shared experiences in group psychedelic use that are astounding. A lot of what happens with psychedelics are your intentions going in.