Sometimes you have to trick a person into getting well. Placebo effects, hypnotic and visual imagery. Essentially what shamans did. The ability to heal with the mind and imagination is a very strange thing. demystifying shamanism -book Dream telepathy telepathene harmine debating psychic experience - book There are parts of the brain people dont use. In the dreams you have emotions, reflexes, survival mechanisms, and youve got the transcendent experiences all in one neat little package. And if you dont write that stuff down and put it to use, youre going to forget it. Psychedelics are just one way to gain wisdom. You can do essentially the same thing through immersion in nature, by having a loving relationship, by meditating, praying, immersing yourself in great literature and great art. There is no one road that is best for everyone. Get a reset, objective view of your reality, where youre not caught up in the reality of your life. Do this with intentionality, know where youre going, and do it in a disciplined way so you can learn something.