possibilities may be glimpsed, never held. Once held they are no longer possible, they just are. Creativity is just capturing a new possibility. 4 stages of creativity: Preparation through acquiring information. Sitting quietly and doing nothing; an incubation period. Preparation. Incubation. Illumination. Verification/implementation. Make your possibility pool as big as possible to increase your odds of stumbling on something magical. The gestalt of all the meanings that give the answer to a problem. Capturing a NEW thought. you absorb possibilities, wave forms, and sit to allow them to expand and collapse into reality. Imagining consciously stokes the flames of the unconscious and thus influences the formula that results in an outcome. The Do Be Do Be Do Be cycle necessary for the creative process. When you have conscious thoughts of the imagination, we are proposing for the unconscious to look at and process new stuff. Imagination pulls away from the familiar to present something new. Thoughts build and become stranger and new, but they stop making sense to the processing power of the conscious. The unknown and infinite is too overwhelming for our conscious mind, but the unconscious belongs to this world and grasps it fully. By influencing the unconscious and its interaction with the infinite unknown, we can influence brand new manifestations and possibilities. Consciousness is the entity with which we know. We need new education that teaches critical thinking and creativity instead of being crippled by emotions and negative states. The story of a thief who stayed, around an hour forty, great reminder why not to judge posers. Allow their mistakes to unfold and move them toward a path of honesty. At some point the ego realizes it really does not know, and says NO to all the preconditioned patterns, and it opens the mind to make room for new information from which we can create new possibilities. Expertise does not bring knowledge, just a fractured piece of it for solving problems in a particular context. Then you realize there are some life problem with no context, and you have to assign them your own meaning and use creativity to open the door the new possibilities required for dealing with the unique situation. We can open up, recognize our own ignorance, and invite creativity in to solve problems where our ego of the past could not.