Buddhism is to become a buddha not a buddhist. it’s a mystical religion with mystical techniques to alter consciousness. Anything you’re trying to achieve, you’re trying to find your own path through the example of others. People underestimate the value of being around bad mother fuckers. That feeling you get when you know that you haven’t done the best you can do.. that’s to keep you from doing that again. That terrible feeling of regret…Don’t lash out at other people, take your medicine and get your shit together. School is designed to make you function in an AVERAGE way. It’s really hard for people to figure something out and then pass it on to other people with the same impact that it had when they figured it out themselves. Things like running water, electricity are being enjoyed by people who don’t understand them even a little bit. A lot of people are really good at giving advice, but can’t give themselves advice. Communication mastery is taking really difficult ideas and translating them in ways that anybody can relate to. Making them digestible so anyone can see a connection to their life. http://traffic.libsyn.com/joeroganexp/p286.mp3