A lot of the reason you feel like shit is your life sucks and you feel like shit to motivate you to get out of the situation, whatever it is thats rotting you out from the inside, whatever eats at you, you’ve gotta straighten that shit out or you’ll never be happy. Don’t allow your self to trick yourself into thinking this reality is the best you can do. The more positive choices and thoughts you surround yourself with, the more positive your environment will be. You’ve gotta write down what you want and go after it, otherwise you live in a wishy washy world. Be the hero of your own life. It starts now, and it doesn’t matter how much you’ve fucked up or how fucked up the scene you’ve landed in may be, just be the hero, decide not to be to loser, live like a documentary crew is following you and you’re analyzing your own behavior as if future generations could look back and see you as an example of getting your shit together. Write shit down, be the hero. People love to play the victim in life. Have you achieved your goal? Are you where you want to be? Where’s the end point? How far do we have to go? Where are you today? How are you going to keep moving? What’s your time line? What are the units of action/measurement by which you will mark successful movement?