So much of learning is process of deletion rather than addition. With art, it’s already there, you just have to get the bullshit out of the way. Thinking and being creative is accessible by realizing what not to think about. Instead of trying to add something to your arsenal, always waiting for something “missing”, the truth is you really have something that you need to let go, things that define you in a way that are not helpful to you, friends that do not uplift you, a job that grinds against your wishes for more. As you get better at something, you realize a lot of skill learned was how to let go of things and put your focus on a narrower band that allows you to function more optimally. You can get very good at directing your mind passively to act in your favor. Figure out how to get the bullshit out of the way to be your authentic self. There are very few reasons in life to give yourself more problems. If you can find your own problems and address them and deal with them, being honest, it makes it really easy to see others’ problems. When you’re not being honest with yourself about your own problems or issues in your mind, you can find it much harder to detect the problems in others that they may or may not be addressing.