In ordinary waking consciousness, the spectrum of content is narrowed down to just a few pieces of information to focus on. There are not too many surprises, a lot of reflexes are acting. Psychedelics radically change this and open a floodgate of content and sensory information. Bring to mind people you love. Meditate on that person and think of well wishes for them, connect with your wish for their happiness and crank it up. Once concentrated, and your mind no longer wanders into distraction, when you can focus, then move it to a neutral person, then an enemy. Just having a concentrated mind not lost in thought is intrinsically beautiful, its the emotional base note of all good drug/experiences. Concentration is just a tool to use to glimpse the nature of true consciousness. What is available to realize now in the present moment, that is liberating? What can I do right now to be free? When you have the true mystical experience, where you meet the godhead, it proves to you how possible it is to be deeper, happier, and more fulfilled than you had realized.