Just figure out where to place your energy. It’s just energy; you’ve got to have an outlet. You can take that energy and endeavor in something that’s going to teach you something about your life. You have to learn to manage your biology, and a huge factor is diet and exercise. When you have a hard on, and you’re fired up and ready to go, it’s like your riding a really long bus, all the way in the back, and someone else is driving, every window is down, papers a flying, the horn is honking, and you’re shouting- “Do you even know where you’re going?”, and you only get a shout back -“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” When you throw yourself intensely into something like martial arts, its a bit different than an addiction, because you’ve got to come face to face with your shortcomings to get better. You’ve got to be honest with yourself and work on what you’re not good at, train when you don’t want to, and push past plateaus. You get very familiar with what it takes to accomplish something, and to keep accomplishing and get better. Then you can learn to take that experience and paradigm to learn anything else. It’s not about willpower. Will power never lasts. It’s about managing your self image. Most people have a horrible self image and talk to themselves with very negative language and negative questions. Start talking to yourself the right way and asking positive questions. Try Easier. Relax. Look Away. Go Away. https://youtu.be/XI5frPV58tY