We get imprinted by the vibrational frequencies we are surrounded by. These grooves can be cut deep and take great knowledge and understanding to overcome. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Zerzan The defining power of words and how they separate unity into separate units. The best thing that can happen to you is getting knocked off track. Generally the track you’re on has been set for you by others that never got off their own track. 1 hour 35 Identify the vampire speech. If you’ve got the heavy heart and can’t feel happy, there may be an action you need to take that you’re afraid to take, and thats the vampire. Find whatever it is that you’re afraid to kill that’s holding you back. Vampires can only go where they’re invited. You let this in, and now you can slay it. You try to convince yourself that its not a vampire, but in your heart you know you’re a servant to a bloodsucker that’s stealing your life away, sometimes in a trade, a bad trade, where you tell yourself that its worth it, like in a job, you tell yourself its just good enough. Thats the vampire. You have to drive a stake into its fucking heart. Or cast light on it. Sunlight. The light of truth on the situation will destroy the vampire when you take action. Recognize the enemy and take action. Face you self chosen suffering. It’s better to die in a righteous battle than to go away as a bigger. Fight & Fight and do what you’re meant to do. Don’t worry if you’re helpless and can’t breath, you’ve gotta act and make the big decisions and it can be scary, but if it wasn’t scary it wouldn’t be worth anything. People get paralyzed just trying to figure out how to start. It takes a lot to summon courage to just leave the current situation. You have in your life the chance to be a hero. Right now, to make a heroic act that could even kill you. Theres no guarantee that you’ll end up in the right place. If there wasn’t risk involved you would have already done it. Theres a real disconnect between what we are capable of and how we currently behave. The people I have to thank the most are the ones that knocked my off my track. That gave me a new emotional response, showed me some new music, introduced me to a new experience, allowed me to share with them, and even the ones that broke me into pieces. Whatever vehicle you need to use to become aware of and shut off the ego, use it. Dissolve your ego to avoid your claims to ownership and permanence. http://www.amazon.com/Religions-Values-Peak-Experiences-Compass-Abraham/dp/0140194878