The guilts fostered by certain religions require punishment; often leads to self punishment. It’s amazing how the human mind can be programmed with religion, nationalism, whatever. We are all capable of falling into a prescribed patterns. It’s easy to use fear and reward/motivation to move masses in a desire direction, and there’s great power in momentum. The human organism was designed for activity. The physical release of exercise every day has amazing impact and great benefit. Just pick a small number and commit and don’t stop and the results will amaze you. It goes beyond neuroplasticity to the actual transformation of muscles, vessels, the lungs, and other parts of the body involved with the focused intention. The psychedelic/mystical state, a state of enhanced experience, bliss, fair and honest uncomfortable facing of reality and self. It’s like a banquet for the spirit, takes some time to prepare, very rich, takes times to digest, can’t do it every day, merits reflection, and finding some small piece of it through yoga, etc. The real treat is going to the full experience prepared and able to bring back some of the wisdom and insight found there in a way that can be shared and understood by others that may benefit from that same awareness.