Dangerous situations turn on all the senses. Things become crystal clear, slow down, you can see it all, and the memory recall is insanely vivid. Intense situations create a multi-sense anchored memory that is powerful. http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/the-century-of-the-self/ Create a good community of people to feed off of their energy. Spend time around people who have already or are working toward something you want. Just being around them will allow you to learn new ways of thinking and acting, and present to you capabilities you were unaware of or never thought possible for yourself. When you take a psychedelic or meditate, you catch a glimpse of yourself from a distance, which allows you to see the root of certain patterns in your life. Weed doesn’t make you paranoid, it shoes you the paranoia within that you’re usually ignoring. Thought prisons are the best to get into, because you have the key. You just have to remember that your pain is self chosen. It’s hard to accept because then it’s all too easy to escape, and then we have to realize that all that time spent in suffering was our own doing. It can be hard to admit that when the pain was so vivid and wrenching.