Nicotine can act as a dream enhancer and creative channel, thanks to its effect on the choline systems. Drug users are an internal enemy that the state can mobilize against. Rarely do you hear of responsible drug use, only the idea of drug abuse. The idea that drugs can be beneficial is ignored. Psilocybin with cancer, terminal, and elderly. Psychedelics broke our rigid behavior patters that we were unable to change and opened us to new possibilities. Entoptic Phenomena- The brain is a receiver of consciousness, rather than a producer of it. If I intellectualize the process too much, the harder the writing becomes. When I let off the intellectual control, the better the creativity can flow. The psychedelic agents can be transformational and must be treated with respect. You can have a real religious experience, it doesn’t matter if you believe or not, if you take it you will have an experience that you cannot believe is so real and available. You can’t believe that this entire other side to your self is always there but rarely tapped into. With psychedelics, you get a direct experience, not something mediated, you’re not being told by some priesthood what to think or do.