Krishna means the reservoir of all pleasure We are attracted to the projection of beauty and goodness, as it is a reflection of Krishna. If you have an experience you have to accept that it happened and tell the truth about the experience. There’s a heaviness people can get. Try chanting a manta and I’ll guarantee a change in your state. The intention creates the change. Chanting focuses on the language center of the brain. Ohm is considered the original sound of the universe, the sound all things emerged from, the Krishna. The story of the person tripping losing their mind calling Ram Das for help, he says, let me speak to the person who decided to call me, because that person is not insane and is making rational decisions. She had just allowed herself to be crazy for a moment. There’s always the observer, the part of yourself watching you go into whatever experience you’re going into, whether psychedelic, traumatic, etc. It’s just about who/what you want to identify with any any moment. On mushrooms you have to submit, or take a large enough dose where you don’t have any choice in the matter. Surrendering involves a choice to die, an acceptance with letting go, and the rewards are unbelievable. How could I make this resource available? When I smoke weed I get ideas. Things come from the essence of burning plant and introspective thoughts and self reflection, altered visions and revelation of beauty and love.