Like anything else, with love for it, you can figure it out. A lot of the time, talent is just being able to see things for the way they really are. Some people put up blinders and don’t realize that these limiting ways of thinking that they’re right and everyone else is wrong, it closes of doors of perception. One life, you die. You don’t know what’s on the other side. If that’s the case, it’s in your favor to shoot for your dreams every single time. You don’t want to die screaming. There’s no point in not trying to achieve every dream you’ve wanted to chase. Smoke weed and chase whimsy. Decide what you want to go after, and GO. Once you understand the way broadly, you can see it in all things. Tap into the zone and let creativity lay it all for you. Don’t rely on, or work for, anyone but your audience. Your effort and your will determine what your physical reality is like. In getting great, or attempting to improve at something, you’re moving in the right direction; you’re getting reinforcing results that emphasize your movement forward. Weed allows you to chase the idea, rather than letting it go for fear of someone judging it, or that it won’t work, or that it hasn’t been done before. It knocks down the inhibitions that block creativity, all the poor questions that lead to inaction. Learn how to get out of your own box of self limiting beliefs. Looking in allows you to to see the patterns of behaviors and reflexes that shape your reality. Think of your breath. It happens all the time without your conscious attention or input. But now pay attention. Breath out, letting your lungs empty, and then counting aloud in your head breath in, allow the air to fill into your abdomen first and then expanding your midsection as you pull in a healthy amount of life. Now let that all go, and realize how much control you can exercise over something that will continue to operate on it’s own. And with time, persistence, and intention you can even shape the way the process continues on its own, affecting the effect. Change is difficult. We’re all trying to write it down and it’s still moving and no matter how you might shout and want it to stop so you can catch up, you just have to keep swimming. You have to learn to give up ego, you have to be willing to accept less and manage your expectations. If we’re not communicating with ourselves and others, what is there? You have to learn how to harness all of your potential, psychological, physical, you have to learn to tune everything out and bring it all together making sure your body doesn’t overwhelm your mind with information, regulate your heart rate and see things as they are, not allowing hyperbolic senses to mislead and exaggerate. When you do anything that is difficult to do; it’s a way to develop your human potential, you learn about yourself and your potential and what you can push yourself through and what kind of focus you can project to stay in a heightened state. It’s all free. Keep it free for everyone. Don’t get it upfront, you’ll get it back. The Book of 5 Rings