Trying to become the best at anything, hitting the highest highs, you almost have to let it all go, to get to places where no one else has been, quicker, harder, with more discipline, and as you do that you separate from the pack and hive mind. Do you have something to say? If so, let’s go iron it out and make it happen. Who are you talking to? Just be yourself; the people you’re supposed to be talking to will show up, and the ones you aren’t supposed to be talking to won’t come back. We love seeing others fuck up, it’s a nice distraction from our own problems and insecurities. Once there’s pie on your face, whatever you do after that, you’ve got pie on your face. Resentment is like drinking a bottle of poison to kill your enemy. – Mandela Allow all negativity to give you serenity gratitude and understanding, grow from and appreciate it. Everyone has something you’ve done to someone in your past that you wouldn’t mind apologizing for.