Imagine feeling the way about everyone around you the way you feel about yourself. Don’t differentiate. We’re all the same and connected. No one gets out alive. If you want to focus on protecting yourself, fine, but surrendering to what is, living through understanding of your fears and living with the faith that everything is just what it will be and will continue to be so. We’ve been asked to believe a lot of things, often in the name of safety. But eventually we all realize it isn’t real and we want to know the truth, and as we find it, we realize that it’s uncomfortable, and through that we grow. Cops are delivery drivers for the government, delivering victims that are susceptible to monetary vampirism. Shock you out of patterns and show you what you’re like from another perspective. There are people out there waiting to be led. You can hypnotize some people much more easily tan others. The ego tricks us into a position where I must stand my ground in fear of anything frightening or revolutionary, so I will operate by a clearly defined and predetermined pattern of behavior.