Ayuhausca churches http://www.santodaime.com/en/asks/ Have humility and do not be concerned with your image. http://aubreymarcus.com/plant-medicine/journeys/to-the-8th-dimension-and-back-again/ What we experience isn’t necessarily not real, but we can’t easily describe or throw it into a box. And to say it’s just the imagination, what a throw off, how ABOUT the imagination? Is it not also a part of this reality, this experience, just more unexplained and somehow less understood than other things, or at least so we would like to pretend. The connected and communicative nature of neurons, cells, proteins, molecules, atoms and energy and how they all interplay. Look at their manifestation in innumerable forms and how those amalgams themselves learn to shape, interact, and affect their surroundings. Both mind and body can affect and be effected by one another. Coming of age ceremonies, importance of initiation, ordeal, and brotherhood. http://traffic.libsyn.com/joeroganexp/podcast127.mp3