Tune In. Turn On. Drop Out. – Timothy Leary There’s been a transition from physical slavery to mental/habitual suggestion. It’s the momentum of thoughts, fears, and beliefs. Fear is based in belief & most people are unaware of their own beliefs. The government is a reflection of ourselves. Imagine a sheep herder learning how small the cage can be made before the captured begin to self destruct. Most people are surrounded by poor mental attitudes and have been convinced that the 40 hour work week is necessary. Our real situations are usually pretty good, but we fall for our own tricks and others’ that convince us that life is stressful or hectic when it’s really pretty damn good. People are set up to imitate their atmosphere, to find, respond to, and follow an alpha energy, a leader, someone with the symbols of experience and wisdom. We don’t always pay attention to when the atmosphere/input is bullshit and this leads to suggestibility. Think of impermanence and our audacity at each moment to make the same assumption that our current situation is going to last any longer than the last. Look around. You’ll see people sleepwalking through life. They’re all living in a dream where they’re the only person on the planet. Just them, no one else. Try to keep your head. Look around and try to understand. The message is that the universe loves you. Don’t be scared. Be positive. Embrace Letting Go. DOCUMENTARY: WACO, THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT