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JRE #FC31 - FIGHT COMPANION – JANUARY 29, 2017 / 01.29.17
FC31. Joe sits down with Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen, Eddie Bravo & Robin Black to watch fights from January 28, 2017.

About 2 hours in the show gets interesting when a discussion breaks out regarding perspective, beliefs, conspiracy, and open mindedness. Below is an examination of the discussion.

   The Economist has been around since 1843. [SRC]

What are the criteria that allow you to trust a news source?

   Operation Mockingbird' was allegedly a large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that, beginning in the early 1950s, attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes, and funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organisations. [SRC]

   At least a SMALL NUMBER of scientists definitely have been corrupt / paid off to influence important issues, or were at the very least just plain wrong. [SRC]

Even if there is a lot of reason to mistrust, it is important to remember that there is another real danger in having a prejudiced and dismissive attitude toward anything or anyone without first holding a definite examination of incoming information.
People tend to discredit others just because they're not promoting the same agenda, even if the only information offered by the 'opposing' entity is accurate.
Most of our beliefs are based on everything we have been exposed to in life along with our emotions. The same goes for people we talk to. When we look at each other, we are often both shocked that the other can't grasp the belief system being used. If nothing else we can usually assume that most people are acting with their own best interests in mind, even if those actions happen to have a foundation upon inaccurate information. We all tend to believe the information we have and use is correct; our beliefs have to be solid or else we would constantly feel lost in the world around us. That said, it is nice to get used to being wrong and not knowing; it will open your mind to learn, free you from embarassment, and give you many more ways to make new information useful.

   Pictures of Earth from space being CGI or composite does NOT mean we have not been to space or that there are no satellites in orbit. [SRC]

There are a lot of different pictures of the Earth from space, taken from different perspectives, different distances, and different technologies. This information does not add up to support the idea that we have never been to space or the moon. There's pretty great evidence that we can indeed travel through space found here: [SRC]

   Eratosthenes was the first to successfully calculate the circumference of the Earth and the tilt of the Axis; he did it using shadows and 'sticks'.[SRC]

   Why do we see the same stars in the night sky year round?[SRC]

Here are ten ways to confirm for yourself that the Earth is round: [SRC].
Beyond that, the view of the night sky does change and can be explained by the precession of the equinox [SRC]

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