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Shane Smith is a long time visitor of the podcast and has been known to drink heartily with Joe during the show. Smith is a Canadian-American journalist as well as the co-founder and CEO of the international media company VICE.


President Trump SEEMS to be in of State by State decisions on the legalization of marijuana,

& with participating in the 2017 Womens March in Los Angeles alone, hopefully Trump will keep in mind the citizenship he serves and what they will tolerate from his administration.

When we discuss political parties, their tactics can often be understood using the principles of bias and influence that exist within all human minds.

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There is a team mentality that exists and drives us to pick a side and stick with it, as well as feel threatened by any idea that does not match what we believe to be true. We forget how important perspective is, as well as the truth about how much we really don't know about the world around us. Many of our decisions to join a team are based on the decisions our friends and family have already made. We fall victim to a familiarity bias and a tendency to commit to something and be consistent about it, simply because we learned the behaviour from someone else who we considered to be an authority figure. We can learn to overcome these impulses by understanding how they work and recognizing them in ourselves.

There are dangers of going too far toward any side or dogma

A lot of what we do is more learned than logical, and we can break the pattern if we become aware and learn to pay attention. We have to demand, for ourselves, a better system for managing such a large number of people with such vast differences. We need to be more critical of all information that comes in, as well as in the way we make decisions using that information. is just one shield that is well known but little used, and often abused. Along with the method we have to understand the that can plague the processing power of our mind with misinformation and misinterpretation.

Lyndon B. Johnson Documentary

He got stuff done in politics by understanding everyone is there for themselves; nothing gets done because cooperation is nearly nonexistent, so you have to appease and influence using deals. He understood things were messed up, and learned how to work with those conditions. Today everything is just as messed up and now everyone knows it; Supreme Court Justices will become more and more important and people look to figures of authority for clear lines on what is right and wrong.

A kid caught with a nuclear reactor in his garage has affordable solutions to utilize dangerous radioactive waste.

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