Once I knew it was possible to make money online, I knew I wanted to find something that will scale up without driving me insane or making life miserable from work overload. I love that digital products can be paid for and delivered instantly. Using affiliate programs will allow you to earn an income on sales of physical products without renting your own warehouse for storage and shipping. There are endless affiliate programs you can join to earn an income on digital products and services without investing your time in creating them. It almost feels like cheating. Selling online, especially digital products and services, is something you can scale up with ease, and sales funnels are the 'secret' systems that make it work no matter what you decide to sell.


Sales Funnel Stage One: CREATE TRAFFIC

There are, quite literally, billions of people online. Your first job is to scoop a small subset of those people into your sales funnel. This is accomplished by learning to market your offer through QUALITY online content. Marketing in the right place, at the right time, with the right message is key to get QUALITY traffic to enter your sales funnel.

Creating the first stage of your funnel will require you to build something (a website, blog, Youtube Channel, Ebook, the options are limitless) that you can use to attract visitors. Putting quality content on your website will keep visitors around long enough to encourage them to enter the second stage of your funnel.

Sales Funnel Stage Two: CAPTURE LEADS

Once you've got some traffic heading to your website (and thus entering your funnel), it's time to start weeding out the people who aren't going to buy anything. If you want to spend your time trying to convince people to buy who aren't ready, good luck; it's far easier to focus on finding the people who are ready to buy, and just give them what they're after.

Once visitors are on your site, you're going to give them something for free.
Quality content will reward you with quality responses from your traffic sources, which results in more sales. Your goal is to use the content to capture information you can use to communicate with your potential customer. In the goal of creating an automated, scalable sales funnel, the common practice is using an email autoresponder service to capture customer information and send your messages right to their email inbox.

Sales Funnel Stage Three: CONVERT SALES

This is where the money is waiting for you to come and get it. Out of all the people that came to your site, and of all those remaining that were willing to give you their email, there are a select few who will buy from you. Your goal is simply to: give them what they want, in the form of an offer (they can't refuse) that will solve a specific problem in their life. All you have to do is give them the solution to the problem, and those who are ready to buy, will decide to just buy now.

Sales Funnel Stage Four: AMPLIFY YOUR RESULTS

This is where most people forget to keep going. After you find the people who will buy from you, you're going to narrow that group down to your best customers that keep buying from you again and again. This is your following and they will be your greatest salesforce.

Once you've made your first sale you get to analyze what works and throw out what doesn't. You'll learn exactly what your core group of customers want, and how you can best provide it to them.


Stories are as old as mankind and speak to the visual and emotional centers of our minds to capture attention and the imagination.

Facts tell a potential customer all about what you're selling, but stories are what get into the imagination of the prospect and allows them to see in their own mind a vision of their life improving after they just go ahead and decide to buy.

Learn how to craft your story, & learn how to tell it hypnotically. Simplify a lifetime of experience into a few powerful minutes. This will require you to understand who you wish to influence, and what you want to influence them to do.

Use the FORMULA:

1) What was your life like before? 2) What happened? 3) What is your life like now?

1) What life was like demonstrates pain and struggle to create an emotional bridge to the problem you are going to solve and builds rapport with the customer.

2) What happened demonstrates a solution that was found and creates a bridge to hope.
The customer who relates to the struggle, will want the solution for themselves when they see it has worked for you.

3) What life is like now demonstrates results and a positive outcome that bridges to confidence and certainty. If they will do what you did, they will get what you got.


1) Break State & Capture Attention: No matter where or how you find your customers, your number one goal is to snap their minds away from whatever they were doing or thinking and call their conscious and unconscious attention to the words on the screen.

2) Hook the audience with your Story: Using a story allows you to relate to your audience, build rapport through shared experiences and frustrations, and make your audience receptive to the coming sales information.

3) Make them your offer; present the Benefits: No one really cares how big it is. But they do care about the feelings that size will give them. Benefits outweigh the cold hard facts in any buying decision, and the feeling you can create in your customer through the presentation of benefits builds their desire to buy now.

4) Create Urgency/Scarcity: Limited time offers and limited quantities of an item can help create demand.

5) Give a clear Call To Action: Never be afraid to tell your customer what you want them to do next. Your assumption that they will automatically know what to do will lose you money.

6) Use Secrets: Exclusivity, as well as open-loop stories and information, help to move customers forward in the buying process. Padding sales information betweenopen loop stories and their conclusions can drive home important ideas and build rapport in ways that numbers and photos just can't. And always, always keep your best secret(at least one) for your best customer(s).

What To Do Now:

This is the MODEL for the ACTIONS you must take to see the RESULTS you want.

1. Pick your Niche Interest
(FOCUS on something SPECIFIC you love, something you'll never grow tired of talking about, looking at, working with, and sharing with others)

2. Build your Website
(Purchase a Domain Name, Purchase Hosting Services, Install WordPress)

3. Create Content
(Create guides, how-to posts, entertain, educate, inform, provide reviews, training materials, and always try to inspire)

4. GET MONEY (AS SOON as you get going, start to monetize your efforts by adding in Affiliate Product/Service Sales and give your readers reviews of every single offer you promote. Buy what you believe, believe in what you buy, and don't sell anything else. As you grow you'll easily be able to integrate your own products/services alongside Subscriptions, eBooks, & so much more)

That's truly all there is to it, and once you build your site and set it to draw in income on AUTO, you can move on to your next interest and do it all again to build as many streams of income as you want around your passions and interests. Putting it all together can be a real bitch your first time around, so join Team Change & Challenge and we'll work through every detail together.

The Fundamental Flow is always growing, and you can help that happen by submitting any questions you have so I can make it better and better. Click GANDALF to find the ASK ME ANYTHING link in the site menu, send me your question, and I'll help you out.