There is profit in every single problem into which passion is poured to find the solution. When it comes to deciding on what you are going to sell, I've found the greatest blueprint is: start with what you know, and go from there. You don't have to be an expert to come up with your own product or service, you just need to know enough to be more knowledgable than the customer you're selling to so that you can be of genuine assistance when you answer their questions, overcome their objections, and close sale after sale, of any product or service, at any price.

Never underestimate your own life experiences; they are the unique lenses of perception that have built a specialized body of knowledge from which you can develop skills that will pay you for life.

Consider this: on a scale of 1 to 10, any skill that you develop will pay you the most when you become so good at it that you're a 10 at what you do in a world of wannabes. The thing is, life is short; it's much simpler and time effective to develop a level 5 or 6 skill to level 9 or 10 with all of your possible focus and persistence, and it is almost impossible to attempt to start fresh with a skill level 1 or 2 and try to move all the way to 10 and truly hope to become the best at what you do.

FOCUS on the skills and knowledge you already have. OBSERVE and find out how they have helped you solve problems in your own life. ASK yourself how you might further develop your existing skills and talents into a product or service that will be of great benefit to your customers instead of trying to learn something brand new that's going to frustrate you to no end.

There are way too many ways to come up with your first idea. My best advice from experience is to just try something. You might be surprised what works.
My first $5 online was earned in exchange for answering a customer's question about life, the universe, and everything. Weird right?
The main thing is: do not overcomplicate this step, and move on to the next fast so you can see the results, adjust, and amplify what works.

Decide now that you WILL launch a product or start selling a service.
Accept that there will be challenges and frustrations as you're learning something new; once you've persisted though the challenges, you will have put something of your own into the world, and you'll have learned the exact process required to do it again and again as you build on your success.

Focus on progress over perfection. Nothing about this is meant to be perfect; your goal is to create a product or service to sell, and learn from what happens. That's it. The Product LAB is where you will experiment, gather information and data, and apply what you learn to greater and greater experiments in the future.

What to Sell?

The knowledge you already have, the skills you've acquired and honed, can all be made into products and services for others who have the same problem that you solved when you acquired the information for yourself. You can turn what you know into:

PREMIUM CONTENT: TEAM CHANGE & CHALLENGE ONLY - TALK TO GANDALF FOR ACCESS There are of course far too many options to list the entire expanding universe of all available online media. You can be a Youtube producer, Twitter comic, Twitch gamer, webcam stripper, ghostwriter, blogger, etc; whatever you are good at, you can find people who are willing to pay you for your skills. What you end up selling depends a lot on what's motivating you to do this at all. What are you after? A quick buck? Are you trying to make something that's going to impact the lives of others? Are you trying to launch your own career or path of financial independence? Are you just trying to challenge yourself to see if you can pull it off? Are you trying to build a following?

Taking into consideration your own vision of what you what to accomplish, along with the awareness of what your customers are after, you can create something big enough to fit all of your visions within. Create something that will give your customers what they want, that will result in getting you what you want at the same time.

For your first product, set a simple, clear goal:

Get just one person to pay you AT LEAST $1 for your product / service.

If you can just do that, you'll have everything you need to build on what works and toss out the rest.
Your ideal first product/service is something you can do NOW, or something you can create in just a few days, with very little, or no, frustration.
You will stay extremely focused, solve a very specific problem, and you will utilize some area of knowledge, experience, or expertise that you already have.


You can accomplish almost any task in life 2-3 times faster than your usual pace by using these simple steps that use your unconscious mind to help move life in your favor so long as you keep focused:



Step One (1): Brainstorm Ideas.

Focus on your current skills, assets, resources, and ask yourself what can you make from what you have and what you know?

Step Two (2): Pick ONE Idea and GO, GO, GO!

Research existing similar products and services for ideas and to understand what customers are looking for.

Step Three (3): Describe your product in one clear sentence.

If I were ten years old, how would you explain it so that I would understand exactly what you're doing?

Step Four (4): Start creating.

Turn your idea into an Ebook, a training course, a video, anything that you'll be able to share with, and sell to, your customers.

Step Five (5): Develop your OFFER.