Your offer is the carefully designed marketing message that will introduce potential customers to your products and services, create rapport using proven influential strategies, and encourage buyers to buy now based on the clear benefits buying will give them. You'll share your offer in emails, photos, blog posts, podcasts, youtube videos, and through countless other online outlets.

Your customers never buy your product or service. Customers buy your offer and they buy into the vision it creates because of the feelings it gives them; they only find out if you're worth your word or if you're full of shit after you deliver on the sale. The offer is the message that you put in front of your prospective customers to engage them, build rapport, and close the sale.

I could offer you the very substance of life. Access to the source and the life force that flows through all living things, granting them motion and flow. I could tell you that life without the elixir will be full of pain, but with it you will be fulfilled and find relief. I could offer you this secret elixir of life to you at a price you can't resist. And yet, even as you reach out your hand to place money in mine, you will have only so far decided to buy into an idea, a vision.

If I tell you this magical elixir of life is guaranteed to make you live longer than if you never have it at all, surely you will buy. But, how will you feel when you're given a plain bottle of water? The claims were all true, but the offer created a feeling and vision that was far too large for the product to deliver on. That feeling of unrealized/unfulfilled expectations destroys trust and ensures someone will never buy from you again.

BUT, give that same bottle of water fancy packaging, a blessing from an exotic priest, and a money back guarantee, you've got a different story and a maybe even a high ticket item.


A quality offer describes a product/service in a way that the customer will see themselves enjoying the benefits of deciding to buy right now before they do. A captivating offer will embrace every possible sense of the customer and explain that your product is the perfect solution to their problem.

Understand where money comes from. Creating value, proving solutions to problems, meeting needs, wants, and desires, and helping people move closer to their goals are the clear keys to make as much money as you would like. Figure out how to be the professional the customer finds when they ask a question YOU can answer.

Marketing is limited by your creativity alone. Blogging is a 'trick cheat' that can lead to massive targeted traffic online, by getting your content to rank in Google and other search engines. Creating quality content online is key to getting quality traffic without blowing thousands on paid marketing campaigns when you have no idea what you're doing. Social Marketing follows the trends of users online and brings them the content they want, where they want it: photos on Instagram, personalities and interests on Twitter, networking and communications on Facebook, videos on Youtube, forums and blogs for niche communities, many more, and nearly all always growing/changing. You can always do a search for the top websites in the world, figure out where people are going online, and see how you can meet them there with your offer.

Figure it out: what are the questions that your product/service answers, and where can you find the people who are asking those questions? If you can figure that out, you'll know exactly where to go to share your message and exactly what to say to get people to buy again and again.

The Six Psychological 'Secrets' Every Marketer Uses in Their Offer

These are six solid psychological principles you can see used in sales over and over. They are enjoyably explained in Cialdini's book, Influence.

Reciprocity: It's really no secret why freebies and handouts covered in company logos are common. One of the most important lessons I learned working online is how to strategically do work for free to encourage a customer to spend more money. Giving away things for free creates a feeling of debt and gratitude in most people, but you can't abuse this tactic with obvious and insincere attempts to win support through thoughtlessly leveraged 'gifts'. When you use the principle of reciprocity with genuine intent to help, however, it will reward you more than any other secret.

Social Proof: You'll see this in action in the form of customer testimonials, forums, product reviews, social sharing, and more. Satisfactory buying experiences shared by others can increase confidence and ease the decision to buy now.

Commitment & Consistency: It can be hard to believe the power of this 'trick'. Every step you get someone to take in your sales process increases the odds they will continue all the way through and buy. Commitments, even small ones, have huge psychological impacts and push us forward on a path, sometimes even long after it stops making any sense. Subscriptions make it easy to just keep buying, with the payments on auto, without any thought each month as you happily get what you want and don't mind the money leaving your account because it's well worth it.

Authority: Establishing yourself as a niche authority makes it easy for customers to trust you as an expert. Authority figures, and our perceptions of them, have an immense effect on how we process and act upon the information they provide.

Liking: If you get your customers to know, like, and trust you, they will buy again and again without hesitation because they know you're always offering quality products and services that make their lives better.

Scarcity: Scarcity, real or perceived, can be leveraged to encourage purchases catalyzed by limited time or quantities.

Always offer your customers the BEST you can. Always tell them the BENEFITS of buying the best. Always sell with genuine BELIEF in your offer; it smells a lot better than bullshit.

~ Buy what you believe in, believe in what you buy, & don't sell anything else. ~