You really just have to know what you want. Whenever you set out to make anything, just decide to know exactly what it is you want to achieve with that creation. Write it down. Start with that seed and go from there. No matter if it's a blog post, audio or video clip, new product, anything; make a plan and know what your desired outcome is.

  1. Write down a specific, detailed plan of exactly what you're going to do and how you're going to do it.
  2. Identify what strengths and skills you have, and more importantly:
  3. Identify where you expect to face challenges and difficulties along the way, and decide now how you are going to deal with them when they come.
  4. Set specific goal markers, and reward yourself when you reach your goals.

The keys to compelling content?
  1. Break State & Capture Attention: No matter where or how you find your customers, your number one goal is to snap their minds away from whatever they were doing or thinking and call their conscious and unconscious attention to the words on the screen.

  2. Hook the audience with your Story: Using a story allows you to relate to your audience, build rapport through shared experiences and frustrations, and make your audience receptive to the coming sales information.

  3. Make them your offer; present the Benefits: No one really cares how big it is. But they do care about the feelings that size will give them. Benefits outweigh the cold hard facts in any buying decision, and the feeling you can create in your customer through the presentation of benefits builds their desire to buy now.

  4. Create Urgency/Scarcity: Limited time offers and limited quantities of an item can help create demand.

  5. Give a clear Call To Action: Never be afraid to tell your customer what you want them to do next. Your assumption that they will automatically know what to do will lose you money.

  6. Use Secrets: Exclusivity, as well as open-loop stories and information, help to move customers forward in the buying process. Padding sales information betweenopen loop stories and their conclusions can drive home important ideas and build rapport in ways that numbers and photos just can't. And always, always keep your best secret (at least one) for your best customer(s).

In order to plan and start the creative process, I recommend a distraction-free writing tool.



Now that you're going to be creating all sorts of creative and compelling content, you're going to need somewhere safe and reliable to store it all. Get your Google Drive and you'll be able to save and create documents of all kinds. God I love spreadsheets. Also, a simple text document in Google Drive can quickly be exported as a PDF eBook that's ready to distribute online. My first $3000 month online came from selling an eBook I made myself in Google Drive and sold for $5 each. I'll NEVER forget that first day when $100 in sales rolled into my Paypal, while I was mountain hiking;that's when I really knew an automated online income was possible through the sharing of useful information.



Once you start producing great content, you'll need somewhere you can start posting for profit. Why not start with a pre-made blog designed to sell? I recommend this platform for many reasons. It's just plain easy to use, there is an amazing community that surrounds the product, and the training is unparalleled when it comes to learning how to blog for profit.



From podcasts to masterpieces of prose and more, Audacity is the go-to program for all your audio manipulating needs. Just get it now.



Looking to learn how to Podcast? Click the image to the left for a bootcamp in how-to podcast.



Searching for everything you'll need to know to work with video? Click the icon to the left for the ultimate beginner's guide to video creation.



EBOOKS are easy, and they're exactly how I had my first $100 day online. Imagine people around the world sending you $100 for a digital product that's automatically delivered. Automated income; beautiful. Click the icon to the left to learn how to make great eBooks.



Have an idea for a real product you want to put in the hands of customers? I couldn't resist trying either, though I have to say after learning how effective digital products sales can be, I have little interest in selling my own physical products again. That said, if you're going to go for it, I say start on eBay. Click the icon to the left to learn what you'll need to know to work with eBay. It's an amazing testing ground to see if you've really got something people will want to buy.