Seriously; ask me anything. It would be great to help you with things like getting into flow, blogging, writing, sales, or working from home, but I’m really happy to answer any question I can that might help move you forward in life. When I made the decision to find success online, my first $5 came from offering to answer: "..any question about life, the universe, and everything." I put the advertisement up almost tongue in cheek, but was happy to help anyone that was willing to pay. Plus I knew I could always use the old 42 as an emergency answer. My first customer asked a simple question: What did the $5 mean to me? The question inspired an answer that reflected the intuitive feelings telling me that this $5 was absolutely life changing. I responded with a short letter describing the $5 as representative of the exchange of value and what’s possible when you just take a chance. So please, for FREE now, if I may help; would you Ask Me Anything?

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