The Business Blueprint is designed to give you everything you need to move from an idea to a fully functioning internet presence that will generate an income allowing you to live life with freedom from bosses, schedules, and jobs you hate.

With The Business Blueprint You Will Learn To:

Learn to make money online, independent of schedules and bosses except for the ones YOU choose. Use a website and the internet to exchange information that makes money without you there. Learn to use your skills and passions to create unique solutions to problems people are willing to pay to have solved. Use blogging, content creation, and content sharing to attract an audience by providing value.

Master The 3 Key Elements of Any Business

In 2011, I was given the only three things I needed to know to create a successful online business: Create traffic to your website, Capture leads from that traffic, and Convert sales from those leads. These are the exact fundamental principles that I applied which allowed me to make over $3,000 online in 30 days with my very first website on a $0 marketing budget.


You need something to sell. Even if it's just an idea on paper you call a book, you're going to need something to give people in exchange for their money. You can choose a real product, or you might decide to provide a service. You don't even have to come up with your own, there are countless opportunities to sell other people's products and services through affiliate programs. The possibilities are endless; you'll just need to identify a problem that people are willing to pay to have solved, and CREATE the solution to the problem.


You will quickly learn to capture interest in what you're selling by developing an offer that will tell potential customers the exact benefits you're offering in exchange for their hard earned cash. If you can capture interest, you can create intrigue and build a desire to buy in anyone. Developing your offer will allow you to connect with prospects and build rapport. In online sales, we're going to be focused on learning to CAPTURE Internet Traffic.


Perhaps the hardest part after coming up with something to sell and deciding what you're going to say to sell it, is figuring out what's actually going to make people buy from you again and again. There are psychological influences and patterns of behavior that will allow you to understand your customer, exactly what they want, and give you the skills necessary to CONVERT sales on autopilot.

Understand Where Money Comes From:

  1. Problems are the hell that give rise to the solutions that sell.
  2. People are willing to pay for solutions to problems they are unable or unwilling to solve themselves.
  3. The solutions you are most qualified to sell with authority and authenticity are the ones you yourself have used to solve a problem in your own life.
  4. Buy what you believe in, believe in what you buy, and don't sell anything else. You'll understand the struggles of your customers and be able to position your product/service as the perfect solution to their problem so they will buy again and again without hesitation.

So, while always keeping the basics of The Business Blueprint in mind, let's move forward, and you will learn everything you need to know to develop your own product or service to sell.